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National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations (NAVSO) offers Grant Map as the best way to find donors known to give to causes that match your veteran mission.

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Grant Map with 2.0 Billion Worth of Veteran Grant Data

Search over 90,000 veteran grants, totaling over $2 Billion made by 13,300+ funders to 6,180 recipients today

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Save time researching veteran grants

Discover Known Veteran Funders Through Grant Map

Identify most active funders in your area

Answer the question 'What Funders are most active in my area?' by using NAVSO's Grant Map. Generating a prioritized prospect list of funders closest to you is a great way to start your grant pipeline. Use NAVSO's Grant Map for a visual representation of funding by region, state and even county. In a few clicks, sustainable funding options found in your location are shown instantly!

Geography Veteran-Data Includes:

  • Foundation Donors
  • Grant Recipients
  • Grant Subject Areas

Scan giving landscape to find who's funding your mission focus

Finding donors who care about your mission is easy when NAVSO members have their history of giving to specific causes at their fingertips! Using NAVSO's Grant Map, you can search for funders most likely to convert by finding those with a known history of giving to missions similar to yours. Increase your conversion by requesting funding from those who are passionate about your mission. 

Grant Subject Areas Include:

  • Populations Served
  • Grant Subject Area Focus
  • Grant Strategy 

Explore possibilities of new donors by subject matter now!

Discover Funding By Mission in Grant Map
Discover Funder Relationships Through Constellations in Grant Map

Discover New Funder Relationships

Donor relationships are hard work. But prospecting to known veteran funders doesn't have to be. Through a NAVSO Gant Map, you can see known funder relationships in a visual form called 'Constellations'. Members use this tool to map recipients similar to them to increase their chances of finding funding through similar donors. See your relationship map today!

Constellations Include:

  • Visual Map Of Donor & Recipient Relationships
  • Sort by subject area, Foundation name, Recipient name & more
  • Discover areas of overlap & potential using constellations

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Grant Map Features

NAVSO's Grant Map Constellation Relationship Feature


View the entire Veteran-Fuding Ecosystem using the 'constellations' feature. This visualization is used to map relationships. Red bubbles indicte recipients and blue bubbles indicate funders. Trace your own relationships to find your next alliance today!

NAVSO's Charts Feature Using Grant Map


Grant Map features two chart views: Trends & Bar Charts. This tool display downloadable data that may reveal gaps in funding used o support your request for funding in that subject area, View changes over time & make a case in one of these areas that may be underfunded!

Map View

Research grant data by geography. Plot funding by state, region or county. Based out of Texas? Instantly gain a list of funders who give to your state. Is 1 million dollars being donated to your state? Snapshots by state. Who are the funders? Recipients? Grants? Find out!

 Still not convinced? See what our members have to say...

NAVSO Customer

"Using the NAVSO system makes grant research so much easier. Before Grant Map, we could send 100 grant applications and be lucky to hear back from 10%. Since using Grant Map I've personally applied for 6 grants and I've heard back from 4. This is only using the system for 2 months. No more guesswork if the grant you're looking at provides support to veteran-service organizations. They ONLY list grants offered to veteran-service organizations."

Donny Daughenbaugh - VP of Field Operations, Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

"One of my grant writers is really enjoying the Grant Map tool on the NAVSO website. He is finding so many amazing foundations for us to contact about our program. Thank you for such a great resource!."

Alicia Boddy - Director of Development, Code Platoon

NAVSO Member Code Platoon

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